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140914 seohyun twitter update:

내가 네게~~♡ 다들 잘 듣고있나요~?ㅎ이틀후 공개되는 Holler!!많이 기대해주세요~! 여러분께 빨리 들려드리고싶은 이번 앨범!! 궁금하죠~?조금만..더! 궁금해 해주세요!ㅋㅋ시간아 빨리가라!!

Whisper~~♡ Is everyone listening to it well~?ㅎ Holler that will be released in 2 days!! Please look forward to it a lot~! This album that we want to quickly let all of you listen to!! You’re curious, aren’t you~? Just a little.. more! Please be curious about it (a little more)!ㅋㅋ time, pass quickly!!


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orange caramel mv endings

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rest in peace, kwon risae. we’ll always keep you and all that you’ve done for us in our thoughts, and we miss you very much. thank you for being the kind, cheerful, and lovely person that you were.

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this is girls’ generation! (insp.)

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Goddess |ˈgɒdɪs| noun: a woman who is greatly admired, especially for her beauty

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#고마워요 #7주년추카해 

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sometimes it takes a big shock to realized that we’re all so, so mortal; that even those who glitter and shine on a stage can bleed and fade.

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Rest in Peace Go Eun Bi (1992-2014)
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